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Financial Planner, Chairman & CEO

At A.G. Morgan, their philosophy as a full service financial planning firm revolves around helping their clients to make prudent choices concerning their lives so that they are better able to go after their long term goal of financial independence. A.G. Morgan Financial Advisors, LLC makes up a comprehensive financial plan that fleshes out how their advisors intend to help address their client’s goals. The team members at A.G. Morgan want to create portfolios for clients that help to make their dreams into a reality. Their Investment services include bonds, stocks, private placements, as well as multiple types of IRAs. Their Financial Planning services include tax plans, college plans, retirement plans, and money management plans. Also, their Insurance services include life insurance, disability income, and long term care. Mr. Vincent Camarda is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at A.G. Morgan and Mr. James McArthur is the President and Chief Compliance Officer.

Professional Credentials


  • Bonds

  • Private Placements

  • Common Stock

  • Educational IRA

  • Brokerage Accounts

  • Traditional IRA

  • Roth IRA


  • Simple IRA

  • Treasury Bills

  • Government Securities

  • Treasury Notes

  • Variable Annuities

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Plans

  • Tax Plans

  • 401 (k) Planning

  • 403 (b) Planning

  • College Plans

  • Estate Plans

  • Money Management

  • Money Purchasing Plans

  • Profit Sharing Plans


  • Disability Income

  • Life Insurance

  • Long Term Care

Learn More About The AG Morgan Scholarship

If you would like to learn more about the A.G. Morgan Financial Advisors, LLC  Scholarship for Future Business Students, please feel free to visit our contact page and there you can fill out the form and a team member will get back to you as soon as they can. If you would like to connect or get involved with the fund, we are always working with universities and schools, so please reach out and we will get back to you shortly. We wish good luck to all our students for the essay contest and on your journeys to becoming our future generation of business students!


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